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With an intent to ensure safe use of our Platform and for the safe execution of payments by Users through our Platform, the present policy has been adopted by us. We have adopted all reasonable measures for reporting any fraud that may occur during your course of use of the Platform. The present policy shall set out the methods for reporting the same and also lay out the steps taken by us resolve the grievance.


Any payment that the User initiates through our Platform takes 3 hours to be processed. Therefore, if the User suspect’s that a fraud has been committed in a transaction and the User want the payment deducted from their account or credit card to be returned, they have to intimate us of the fraud within 3 hours of the transaction being initiated.  For any complaint received after this, we can only provide details of the perpetrator of the fraud, for any further resolution including receiving the money back, the User would have to approach the appropriate law enforcement authority in your territorial jurisdiction. For reporting the fraud please mail us at fraud@payansh.com.



i.     Any credit or debit card holder whose account statement reflects a transaction executed through the Platform, but they have not executed the same and have proofs to establish the same.

ii.   Government or Semi Government Organisations, who has been notified of such fraudulent transactions by the affected person and the claim has been substantiated by documentary evidence.

iii.Banks, Credit Card Companies or other payment partners who has been notified of fraudulent activities on the Platform.

iv.  Any concerned citizen who wats to bring to our notice any fraud committed through out Platform.



i.     In any case, if a fraud is reported within the specified time frame set out in clause 2 of the present policy, we stop the payment & request the person who has initiated the payment to provide further documentations to establish proof of legitimate use/ permission from the holder of the Credit Card/ Debit Card through which the payment was made.

ii.   Within a time, frame of 15 Working Days, we shall reverse the payment to the credit card/ debit card holder’s Account. We will levy a reversal charge of  3% on successful reversal of the payment to your account.

iii.In some cases, the reversal of payments may take longer time if there are explicit instruction from the law enforcement authorities. It could also take longer if our payment processing partners may not wish proceed with the reversal if they find any discrepancy in the same.

iv. If a User reports a fraud from their account on the Platform, we shall have the right to provide the account details of the User to law enforcement agencies.

v.    During the period of investigation all funds transacted through the through the reported account will be put on hold.

vi. After we receive a confirmation on the completion of investigation from the law enforcement authorities and the bank, we shall release the payments kept on hold in the account within 15 days.



We hereby state that the investigation and resolution frame work set out in the present policy is for information purposes only and the investigation could vary or be more complex than has been set from one case to another.