5 Payments You Must Complete With Your Credit Cards

5 Payments You Must Complete With Your Credit Cards

Whenever any household buys something new, it becomes the most special and overwhelming time for the whole family, however, the pressure of paying for the item can put an excessive burden on the shoulders of the payer. No one can pay the entire amount for any expensive item no matter how much stable they are, financially. It may affect your pocket in one or the other way. This unbearable pressure can be avoided if you start taking preventive measures while buying anything new that organically costs much more than your monthly salary. This is exactly the situation in which Credit Cards are introduced.

As a credit card payment platform, Payansh has witnessed several individuals that find it difficult to understand the card payments and keep a track of the expenses they pay for via credit cards. If you are one of those individuals, don't worry, we are here to assist you through it.

Most of the time, certain people fail to understand where they must swipe their Credit Cards while shopping or while renting an apartment. Certainly, the truth is that payments can be done with a credit card for any purpose no matter if you are buying a $1000 jacket or you are planning to buy a vehicle. If you wish to enjoy the maximum benefits of making payments with a credit card, then you must utilise it while planning for the following:

Buying Electrical Appliances

Buying electrical appliances such as refrigerators, microwaves, washing machines, air conditioners, etc are also an active part of our lives. No matter how much you avoid, these requirements arise in regular households. Therefore, if you are planning to buy any electronic gear but you don’t have money urgently, you can pay credit card bill online, arrange the money per your card’s billing cycle and then the amount can be automatically paid through your account. at the same time, if the item is expensive, you can also go for EMIs because several sellers have a number of offers and discounts on credit card EMIs.

Weddings or Expensive Occasions

Everyone may agree to the fact that weddings are a luxurious affair no matter which part of the world you belong to, especially in times when the newer concepts of the wedding such as destination, beach weddings, etc are quite prevalent. There are several expenses in a wedding that may require a lot of money at once and making all the payments altogether with your monthly income cannot be possible. This calls for you to utilise your savings which means that you'll be empty-handed by the end of the wedding.

Now, in order to save your savings and make wedding arrangements without any problem, you can make small EMIs with your credit card for major activities such as booking flight tickets, buying wedding outfits for your family, booking hotels or spaces for engagement, wedding, bachelorette or reception party, etc. However, during the wedding season, you'll require to pay for a number of things which may also mean that you must maintain a stable credit utilisation ratio to avoid jumping any payments. Also, some banks do or don't offer EMIs or cards, so check with your bank once before paying for the same.

Paying Property Rent and Education Fees

Since tracking credit cards is a tedious task, you can utilise the payment feature of Payansh to make online credit card payments a reality. With Payansh you can pay your property rent and your children's education fee easily.

With the instant payment feature of Payansh, the receiver can receive payment right away without burning a hole in their pocket. Payansh is a platform to make you independent by managing your payments without giving you stress so that you don't have to utilise your hard-earned savings.

Renovating a House or Property

Every individual has a dream of renovating their house as per their will in order to make necessary arrangements and decorate the space which is also a hefty affair. While you may be suffering with the EMIs burning your savings, using credit cards is ideal for the situation because it would not cost you any additional costs.

This will give you time to arrange more money so that you can pay the dues next month. Always remember, if you have the option to pay credit card bill online that does not mean that you can use the card at multiple places without taking note of the number EMIs and payments you have made so far through your card.

Travelling Solo or With Family

An impromptu family or solo weekend trip may become a huge deal for your pocket, however, cards can help you figure out this trip quite easily by booking your tickets and hotels. So for this travel season, you can make necessary travel arrangements with the help of your credit cards. Now you don’t need to feel sad while planning a trip because you have to settle for a usual Manali trip since you don’t have money! Plan a great trip by taking the assistance of your credit card and enjoy this opportunity.


The greatest benefit to having a credit card is that it has got your back, especially in times when you think you may have given up. Credit cards don't only offer you EMIs and easy payment options but they also give you tons of timely offers and discounts that help you save money on several payments. Use your credit cards wisely and enjoy their benefits to their maximum.