Pay All Your Payments Using Credit Card

Payansh platform experience the convenience and fastest mode of application which enables all kinds of payments inclusive property rent, business services, home supplies, office supplies, education fees by using credit card and lighten your load of financial burden.
Now, we are here to give you a substantial relief from the shortage of funds and offer the usage of Credit Card for any kind of payments and utilize all its benefits and profits.

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Transparent Pricing

Flat 2.50 % will be charged for all payment type and accept all kind of Credit cards.

Safe and Secure

We apply 100+ risk rules so that you can rely on us for data security. All transactions are secured with 128 bit SSL encryption.

24/7 Instant Transfer

Your payment will be transferred instantly to your landlord/biller's account.

Fully Encrypted

The server encrypts any information such as passwords, credit cards, and bank account details with AES encryption.

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The idea of the seedling was planted in the most difficult times COVID_19 when one of us faced the problem of arranging corpus for funds with the baby gaining its foothold in the market and then Payansh step in to become the industry’s largest independent helping hand for the new era. The other major reason is of course to not let the 31st sneak up on people with burden in case of salaries delayed when you can smoothly pay using your Credit Card with Payansh.
Bringing together the property owners and tenants, we are augmenting one of the fastest and easy medium of transferring your all payments through Credit Card like Visa, Mastercard and Wallets to make the rent & other payments hassle-free.
So, happy hunting and save more on your all sort of payments using Payansh App.


About Us

Payansh makes a last-minute tight finances a breath where people get panic about finalizing plans in the payment of their monthly bills. Here, Payansh take control of your finances and stretch out your rent payment by paying it with your Credit Card. With Payansh, you can easily pay your rent online with a Credit Card or bank account, schedule rent payments, receive email reminders, earn cashbacks and much more! There will be no limit to accept the payments, receive unlimited payments directly and instantly in the vendor’s bank account.

Payansh makes online rent payments simple for everyone and offer the comfort of convenience in every way with the lowest processing fees among all; and it also allow us to utilize our unused credit limits, achieve the tier spend limits which ultimately results to maximize our bonus rewards and earn miles, cashback and reward points.


Payansh Works?

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Verify your identity

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Know Your Benefits

Enjoy lowest service fee on rent payment, flat at 1.5% with no hidden charges
Unlike cash transfer, earn and maximize reward points on your Credit Card.
Get welcome benefits and instant discount on your first transaction

Consistent bill payments helps to improve your Credit Score

Easily automated for scheduled transfer every month on a certain date

Boost your savings by enjoying 45 days billing cycle on your Credit Card

Earn Rewards & Cashback on every payment.

Each time you use Payansh App to pay your rent online, with a credit/debit card, you earn reward points, cash back or air miles on your transaction.

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